Monday, November 24, 2008

adorable baby...

I'm extremely happy... I have a new adorable baby at home, in my bedroom...
It's my NEW PC... hiiip hiiipppp hurrraaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

- Motherboard AMDA780 (onboard VGA-based on Radeon, which is quite cool.. will buy graph card later)
- Processor Athlon 64 X2 5200 (dual core @ 2.7GHz)
- Harddisk SATA 250G
- Memory 2 x 2G DDR2 PC6400
- 20' LCD wide

Nice huuuhhhh!!!!

It's indeed really cool... My last PC was Intel 1.7GHz, 1G PC2100, cheap VGA card, HD 40GB.
Actually my old one still works fine for office things & browsing (and watching movie), but it's too crappy for games...
Since (actually) I love games... I prefer a PC than a laptop.
I'm so proud of my new PC, hahahahaaaa...

Well, thanks to my friends who accompanied me to Indotech Computer Exhibition, and thanks to my lil' sister who accompanied me to Plaza Pinangsia... (well, she was succeed in persuading me buying TWO PS-controller **what do u call it?**, for me & her... playing game)

Thanks to USD-Rupiah currency which made me bankrupt & over budget!!!! It was Rp.12000 last week, then Rp. 13000 few days ago... then Rp. 13500 2 days ago... **damn!!** But, FYI, that's "computer-shop currency". Well, when the shop said that the currency was Rp. 13500, actually the currency was ONLY Rp. 13000. Whatever.. if they think I am stupid.. well, apparently, I am not.. I changed my rupiah to USD on a money changer close to my house, then payed the shop using dollar... HAHAHAAAA...

Anyway... I went late to the office this morning.. coz I installed a game this morning & played it for a while.. (meanwhile, also enjoying my nice graphic on my nice LCD, ahahaha...)
And, I can't wait for going home... installing some more stuffs on my PC... Install VMWare, Linux, P2P, then downloading a lot of things with my unlimited internet connection...
No more "staying late in the office".

What a wonderful life :)) :))

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