Saturday, July 19, 2008


ow gosh.. what am i doing here?
One of my friend asked me, have I ever had a diary or blog, to keep some memories? Frankly, I said, hell.. no... (what is it for? )
Well, I'm a talk active person, prefer to talk than to write.. can u imagine, how much info can u tell in a minute, compared to write? fiuuuh...

but.. hhmmm... 9PM, in my bedroom, waiting for my vanilla latte, not in a mood to read things about Access Point.. (actually, i was not in the mood since this morning), so I decide to enter this page, and post some lines as an introduction about my self.

Did I just make a blog? haha, let's see.. How long I can stand for this :)

**yeah, try to write in English.. maybe this can improve my crappy-English, hihihiiii**